MLC students are fortunate to have a myriad of performance spaces available to them.

The performance spaces can be used for both rehearsals, lectures and performances.

Both the Secondary School campus and the Junior School campus each have a Performance Staircase: central areas that are well utilised for music performances to create a lively community ambience.

James Tatoulis Auditorium

Also known as the JTA, this auditorium is used for musical performances, lectures and events with a capacity of 362. It boasts superb acoustics, comfortable seating, stage lighting and sound, stepped risers for choirs and orchestras, a conductor’s room, lighting and sound desks, box office and kitchen facilities.

Flockart Hall

Located adjacent to the JTA, this smaller recital hall offers excellent facilities with a flexible seating capacity of up to 150, used for a range of music events, workshops, lectures and rehearsals. It also has an adjoining external courtyard.

Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall is used for major performances, assemblies and concerts. With full backstage, wings areas, dressing rooms and sound and lighting booths, it is a valuable area for students to become accustomed to performing on a large stage.