MLC Libraries is at the forefront of change in educational library programs; building a learning community for students and teachers alike and presenting multi-format collections available anywhere and anytime.


Walton Library was redeveloped in 2016, with the aim of providing dynamic, blended-learning spaces that support students in developing deeper understandings. These spaces are flexible in design, responsive to learning needs and staffed by expert, instructional teams in a user-friendly and agile environment. Views of surrounding trees and nature, controlled lighting, an attractive colour palette and sophisticated acoustics were incorporated in the redevelopment.

We acknowledge that learning happens in a variety of ways. Where libraries were once focused on book stacks, we now see a changing landscape of spaces where students can learn together or alone, and can choose to integrate technology or be technology-free.


The Walton Library’s world-class facilities that extend over two levels include:

  • Flexible layouts that can be easily moved and adjusted to suit every type of class or collaborative environment, including multiple classes simultaneously
  • Variety of lounges, seating booths and ‘break out’ areas
  • Mobile presentation screens
  • Television studio and editing suite, including bluescreen capabilities
  • Audio-Visual Department, assisting students with multimedia presentations and AV services
  • 3D Printer
  • Extensive collections, including access to thousands of digital newspapers, magazines and databases from around the world, in a multitude of languages

MLC Libraries is a leader in creating “learning laboratories” where higher order thinking in the curriculum is matched with digital literacy skills development. Library staff are committed to providing not only programs that inspire our young women to develop a life-long love of reading, but also environments that respond to the evolving needs of contemporary learning.

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