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MLC owns and manages a number of remote and campus facilities, as well as professionally run, externally managed facilities.

We are continually exploring how our learning spaces successfully supports our students' learning and engagement. Whether it's in the classroom or in communal learning spaces, our school environment is continually reviewed and adapted, incorporating the best of technology such as writeable surfaces, moveable walls and a variety of new furniture designs.

Several of our performance spaces are also available for external hire.

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Plans and Redevelopments

The MLC Masterplan

The New 7-8 Learning Centre

The Year 9 Learning Centre Redevelopment

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Co-curricular Facilities


Music School

Performance Spaces

Swimming Pool

Physical Education Centre

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Student Learning and Resources

The Terrace Restaurant

MLC Libraries

The Book Room

The Star Cafe

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MLC Living

Boarding House

MLC Marshmead

MLC Banksia