MLC has a proud tradition of giving back to the community. Students across every part of the College work together to support those in need through House activities and Home Group events.

community-service.jpgThe College recognises the immense personal learning that students experience through their involvement in supporting local, national and international welfare and other not-for-profit organisations.
At MLC, each sub-school supports a different international, education-focused community. These include:
  • Junior School – Cambodia Rural Students Trust
  • Junior Secondary School – Long Hai Community, Vietnam
  • Middle School – The School of St Jude, Tanzania
  • Senior School – Ban Tharn Namchai Children's Home, Thailand

Other initiatives include House fundraising activities, Middle School Community Service and IB CAS (Years 11 and 12). 

These and many other community service initiatives reflect a significant number of volunteer hours dedicated by students and staff; they provide invaluable learning experiences and nurture a shared sense of global citizenship. The incredible fundraising and social service results achieved each year reflect MLC students’ heartfelt commitment to helping others, and to making a positive and tangible impact upon the world in which we live.

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