Junior School is based around an integrated curriculum that stimulates creativity and curiosity, whilst building a sound foundation in literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills.

Literacy and numeracy are high priority learning areas in Junior School, founded on the belief that the skills and concepts developed during classroom programs underpin learning across the whole curriculum. The integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Design and Mathematics) is also essential to educating today's generation.

MLC Junior School also offers a range of specialist programs - Art, Physical Education and Swimming, Music, language study (Japanese in Prep to Year 4 and French in Years 5 and 6), Library lessons, Religious Education and Technology - across purpose-built Junior School facilities with the added opportunity to familiarise themselves with some of MLC's state-of-the-art secondary facilities.


With today's students being born into a world of technology, Junior School encompasses the safe use of devices to enhance their learning. Each Prep - Year 2 student has her own iPad, and students in Years 3 and above use their own laptop computers. Technology lessons are part of the curriculum, as well as Coding, Programming, Animation, Robotics and Integration with Science.


We recognise the importance of students developing leadership skills to take into secondary school, and growing in confidence within a comfortable and safe environment. Year 5 and 6 students enjoy public speaking workshops, leadership training and opportunity, with every Year 6 student undertaking a leadership role to experience.


Music a strong component of the Junior School curriculum. From the Year 2 Strings and Year 5 Orchestra programs to the Year 6 Musical and multitude of choirs, bands and groups available, every student can experience the joy of playing music, regardless of prior experience.

Clubs & Community

We pride ourselves on a warm, welcoming Junior School community where friendships flourish. Students have the opportunity to make friends outside their classroom in a range of clubs, including Japanese and French clubs, Signing Club, Science Club and Writer's Workshop. Not to mention a lot of friendly House spirit!