November 04, 2020
The pandemic has posed many challenges for us all this year, including staying connected with one another. Homegroup and wellbeing catchups are part-and-parcel of the Continuous Learning and Wellbeing program to ensure MLC’s students stay connected, but some of our Senior School students have longed for greater opportunities to connect with peers across year levels – and have decided to do something about it.

Emily Tran in Year 11 is one of the SRC members involved in developing an online Tutoring program across year levels using Microsoft Teams.

According to Emily, “the program gives a platform for Senior School students to help younger girls with their academic queries ranging from a range of subjects (like English, Maths, Science, French).

“How it works is that we designate Senior School students to monitor different subchannels in the Microsoft teams group and if a student needs help, they’d write a quick comment like “Hi, I’m Mia! Would someone be able to help me with some algebra question?” and an SS student would invite them to a call to assist,” she explains.

As of now, the online tutoring program occurs every Thursday lunchtime via Microsoft Teams but the SRC is hopeful that sessions will take place in-person next year. Three sessions in, it’s been deemed a great success with many students in attendance and plenty of opportunity for students to connect.

Emily hopes the program will not only allow students to access academic help from their older peers, but to form those important bonds that makes being part of the MLC Community so special.

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