April 09, 2020
Whether Easter is usually a time for chocolate and barbecues, or prayer and reflection for your family, there’s one thing that’s common among all of us; Easter looks very different in a time of social distancing.

Year 12 Faith and Worship Prefect, Jessica talks us through the central values of the Easter story, and it turns out that the message of Easter is especially significant in this time of uncertainty.

What lessons can we learn from the story of Easter?

Whether or not you identify with Christianity, I believe that the two central components of Easter - sacrifice and resurrection - carries great significance for us all.

What we are able to learn from the sacrifice of Easter is the importance of humility and gratitude, encouraging us to consider and appreciate instances when those around us - perhaps our friends, families, teachers or colleagues - give up their time and energy to support us without asking for anything in return.
Additionally, I think that the events of Jesus' resurrection, depicting an astonishing transformation from death to life, carries with it the symbolic significance of optimism and hope during times of hardship and despair, highlighting the "silver lining of every cloud". Though life may often be full of tragedy and disappointment, what Easter teaches us is to look beyond our current circumstances, and to place our trust in new beginnings, where there is a brighter future ahead of us.


What are your own reflections on Easter this year?

Like everyone else around me, I was hit by a wave of disappointment when the COVID-19 situation called for a lockdown, with social distancing measures being put in place. Many of the activities and events that I had been planning and organising for months beforehand had to be cancelled, and I was now unable to physically keep in contact with my friends. I became incredibly disheartened about this situation.
As the weeks went by, however, I started discovering the many silver linings of social distancing. As we moved towards an online learning program, I found that I had more flexibility in terms of managing my time and routines around the classes. I was also spending more quality time with my family each day, as they also worked from home. And now, without my usual overwhelming plethora of co-curricular activities, I found that I had more time to focus on my physical and mental wellbeing.
This experience has also made me immensely grateful for the things that I had overlooked beforehand – including seeing my friends, my co-curricular opportunities, and being able to access MLC's wonderful facilities and resources that others may not have the privilege to enjoy.
Tying into the teachings of Easter – although the COVID-19 situation is objectively tragic in many ways, I think that what is really important is to focus on the positives that we personally experience. Doing so with the faith that these dark times will eventually come to an end and that we can all come out of it with new, refreshed perspectives on life.


How can we celebrate Easter this year?

Depending on how you traditionally celebrate Easter, there are a number of possibilities - having online virtual get-togethers is something I'd recommend (Zoom meetings work well!!) for quality family or community time.
There are also quite a number of churches that will be live-streaming their Easter services, which can be watched together as a family within the comfort of your homes.
Even for those that do not usually celebrate Easter, I would still encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes out of their day to reflect on the teachings of Easter – How can we acknowledge and be thankful for times when others have sacrificed for us? How can we focus on keeping an optimistic mindset, holding on to hope and joy during this period of time?
Written by Jessica, the 2020 Faith and Worship Prefect at MLC.

Try this Easter colouring page exercise for Junior School & MLC Kindle students.

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