Methodist Ladies' College provides ongoing opportunities for each student to learn, progress and excel.

Our dedicated programs provide academic extension, learning support and other assistance to students to ensure they are able to reach their full potential.

Learning Enrichment

Our dedicated Compass program presents highly capable students with challenges that require intellectual struggle and perseverance, by providing programs that go beyond what can reasonably be catered for within a differentiated classroom environment.

The Compass program recognises that students will differ in their personal learning styles and that they may have different needs for enrichment at different times on their learning pathway. Many students undertake voluntary projects and subject-specific enrichment units that complement the regular curriculum. A range of other enhancement opportunities is also available.

The progress of students involved in Compass program opportunities is monitored by highly skilled learning support staff. Compass staff consult with subject teachers and observe identified students in the classroom as part of this process.

Learning Support

The learning support team at MLC places an emphasis on supporting the individual learning needs of students. We recognise that every student learns differently and we strive to tailor learning experiences to meet these individual needs. The learning support team works collaboratively with teachers and parents to provide an integrated support network that allows students to learn within the mainstream, providing special arrangements that focus on the growth of the individual and promote attitudes of self-worth and achievement.

Students needing extra help can be identified by self-referral, parent or teacher referral, testing or academic performance. To ensure students receive the support they need, each student's progress is monitored regularly, in consultation with classroom teachers and student co-ordinators.

Deaf Integration

MLC’s Deaf Integration Program aims to empower and nurture each deaf or hard of hearing student, giving her the necessary skills and confidence to reach her full potential and become an independent world-ready woman.

Students with hearing loss are members of the regular classroom and are fully integrated into the full range of curriculum and co-curricular activities.

The Deaf Integration Program:

  • Includes regular review meetings and provides an individualised learning program
  • Facilitates in-class and withdrawal sessions with a Teacher of the Deaf
  • Accommodates the needs of individuals including communication skills – sign language, speech and listening skills, as well as social and wellbeing skills
  • Provides support staff including interpreters and note takers as required
  • Uses modern acoustic systems in major venues and classrooms
  • Uses observation, assessments and liaison with mainstream staff to support the student’s individual needs and optimise their participation.

Support Services:
  • Regular audiological services and hearing aid maintenance at MLC by a paediatric audiologist from Australian Hearing
  • Individual Speech Therapy is available at MLC from an independent speech pathologist
  • Liaison with other deaf agencies and services

Ms Lynda Exell, Coordinator - Deaf Integration Program
Ph: 9208 4831

English as an Additional Language

Through our English as an Additional Language (EAL) program we teach the English skills that students need to access the curriculum and offer a bridge into understanding not only the language, but also our education system and community.

By providing links with English curriculum requirements and clarifying what is happening in both the College and wider communities, EAL students are able to gain an in-depth and global understanding of the community around them.

Language proficiency is the key to success for EAL students. By providing a structured framework and varied language support options, students are able to develop the skills they need to realise their potential.

Eligibility for VCE EAL

International students are eligible to take EAL as a VCE subject if they satisfy the Victorian Board of Education eligibility requirements:

  • The student has been a resident in Australia for not more than seven calendar years immediately prior to 1 January in which Year 12 English is begun
  • English has been the student's major language of instruction for not more than seven years prior to the commencement of the year in which Year 12 English is begun