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Dr Norman Curry

The Rev. Dr. Norman George Curry AM, a distinguished educationalist and Anglican minister, died in 2015, having made outstanding contributions to Victoria’s education system and theological training.

Born in 1931, Dr Curry completed his secondary education at Melbourne High School. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education from the University of Melbourne and later obtained his doctorate from the University of London. 

Having taught at Camberwell and University High Schools and in the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Education, Dr Curry was appointed Principal of Toorak State College in 1977 and Victorian Director-General of Education 1982–85. He served on several School Councils and was a strong advocate for chaplaincy in state schools.  

Dr Curry was President of the Melbourne College of Divinity from 1995–97, served at St Paul’s Cathedral from 1961 to 1999 and was an honorary Associate Priest in several other Anglican parishes.  

The Rev. Dr. Norman Curry Scholarship was established at MLC through his generous bequest. His late wife Nancy Curry (Batt, 1948) attended the College as a boarder. In her memory, MLC awards the annual Boarder’s Citizenship Prize (an earlier gift to the College from Dr. Curry). 

This Scholarship is awarded to daughters of clergy who demonstrate academic excellence and whose financial circumstances would otherwise prevent them from attending the College. Applicants are individually evaluated to consider their accomplishments, talents, interests and enthusiasm for learning.


Year of Entry:

  • Year 7 (Scholarship tenable for 6 years)        
  • Year 9 (Scholarship tenable for 4 years)
  • Year 10 (Scholarship tenable for 3 years)    
  • Year 11 (Scholarship tenable for 2 years)​


  • Australian citizens, permanent Australian residents or temporary residents
  • Currently at MLC or attending another school
  • A candidate who would not ordinarily be able to afford the tuition fees
  • The daughter or daughters of Clergy
  • Students must be registered with ACER Scholarships as well as submit an MLC Scholarship Application​

Documentation to be uploaded with Scholarship Application:

  • Results of the most recent School Report
  • Evaluation of a 200-word statement on why the candidate is applying for this scholarship; this should be written by the student, demonstrating her accomplishments, talents, any leadership experience and her reasons for wanting to attend MLC
  • A passport sized photo​

The applicant will then have:

  • Results of the ACER Scholarship Test
  • Evaluation of family finances, allowing financial circumstances to be considered 
  • Evaluation through Interview. Candidates short-listed for an interview will be contacted by email 


  • A percentage of the annual tuition fees and technology levy. This includes computer, technology support and peripherals​


Application Steps

Step 1: Apply for an MLC Scholarship by clicking on the Apply for Scholarship link at the bottom of this page. Please complete the Scholarship Application and click submit

Step 2: Register for the MLC ACER Scholarship Test with ACER Scholarships, the cost will be $120.00 

Step 3: Refer to any further instruction received from MLC Admissions after the application is submitted

Step 4: Sit the ACER Scholarship Test on Saturday, 5 February 2022

Step 5: Short-listed candidates will be contacted by email with an invitation to interview.  This email will also include a link to commence the process of understanding financial eligibility for means-tested scholarships.

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