What are the required documents needed to fulfil the application process? 
All Scholarships applications require a 200-word Personal Statement from the student, their latest School Report and a Passport sized photo. Some scholarships also require extra documentation, and please refer to the specific scholarship page for more information. 
What is an ACER test?
If you wish to apply for a scholarship that is ACER tested, then yes, you must register with ACER. 
You can register here.
How much does it cost to register for an MLC Scholarship?  
To register there is a $120 cost applies (ACER fee) 
When will I receive information about the ACER test day?
Instructions about the sitting of the ACER test at MLC will be sent via email one week before the test day. ACER testing will take place on the morning of Saturday, 5 February 2022.  Please expect the testing time to take the duration of the morning. 
Will I receive my daughter's ACER test result?  
Once the MLC selection process has concluded, ACER will release your daughter's results via email.
How do I find out if my student is shortlisted?  
An email will be sent to families from the MLC Admissions team once MLC receives all testing results from ACER and an MLC shortlist is finalised. Correspondence will then be sent from MLC with the next steps.
Can my child apply again in the future if unsuccessful this year
Yes, your daughter may apply for a scholarship that is relevant to her future year level.  
What does State and National Level mean? 

Sports Performance: Have or are currently performing at the highest possible state or national level or the equivalent of a team or individual sport offered within the MLC Sports Program. This includes  Rowing, Netball, Swimming, Athletics, AFL and Gymnastics – see complete list on our Co-Curricular Sport webpage.

Performing Arts: Gifted and talented Performing Arts students with a varied and high level of performance experience. This may include students performing in major theatre productions, being a member of a dramatic arts group, and have experience in acting, dance, and singing.  

Do I need to attend a music audition if I have applied for a Music Scholarship? 

Yes, if your daughter has applied for one of MLC's Music Scholarships, they are required to undertake a Music Audition on Thursday, 10 or Friday, 11 February 2022.  
An invitation with instructions will be sent via email from MLC Admissions on the week of Monday, 31 January 2022. 

How do I apply for an MLC Scholarship? 
  1. Thoroughly read through the eligibility of your chosen scholarship to ensure your daughter meets the criteria 
  2. Follow the unique application steps for the chosen scholarship 
  3. Click 'Appy for Scholarship' and complete the application 
  4. Complete applicable testing/ auditions 
  5. ​Short-listed candidates will be contacted by email with an invitation to interview.