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In 2022, MLC celebrates its 140th birthday! 

To mark this momentous occasion, the College Archivist has put together a history exhibition that showcases some of the key events that have occurred over the last 140 years. The exhibition was on display in the Common Ground corridor and enjoyed by staff and students from Founders’ Day until the end of March 2022. A 3D scan has been made so that the exhibition can be shared with the wider MLC Community. 

Before exploring the virtual exhibition below, please read the following tips to get the most out of the experience:
  • The virtual exhibition is best viewed on a computer with a mouse, as it requires a lot of clicking and scrolling.
  • Click and use the white circles on the floor to position yourself in front of a wall.  Once the wall is in the centre of your screen, use your mouse to scroll in and out to zoom in and out of the photos.
  • Hover over or click the green dots off each photo to view the relevant text or caption.  The text has been taken from the exhibition labels, so you don’t miss any information.