Gifts for future MLC Students

It is always a privilege to learn why our community members choose to leave a legacy to support MLC and future generations of students. Read some of their stories below.

Ally-Wilson-(2).jpgAlly Wilson (Millar 2001)

Scholarship Recipient

MLC offered me an education and range of experiences that I’ll never forget, as well as instilling in me the knowledge that anything is achievable if you work hard and put your mind to it.  My scholarship to MLC was life changing.

I have chosen to remember the College in my Will.  I want to give other students the opportunity to attend MLC who might not otherwise have the chance to do so.

Jenny Wilkins (1966)

Education provides the foundation for girls’ careers. At MLC, girls receive an excellent, well-balanced education with a wide variety of choices. The school also offers principles and ideals for girls to aspire to. I hope my gift provides education and inspiration to girls, particularly those who lack these opportunities.

Leonie Thomson (Gairns 1960)

I hope my bequest will assist MLC to provide scholarships for girls who would otherwise not be able to attend the College. Over the years I have seen such girls blossom into brilliant young women who have made an amazing contribution to the community, which continues through their lives and careers.

Providing opportunities to all levels of the community brings a richness to the student body of the College.

These opportunities were offered to me in a scholarship, enabling me to have a life changing education, which I have valued all my life. I’d like to help make this possible for girls in the future.

Val Cummins (past parent)

My late husband Ron was fortunate to benefit from a scholarship to a grammar school in London. This left both of us with an awareness of the importance of providing opportunities to young people who may not otherwise have access to a high-quality education such as that provided at MLC. A spirit of philanthropy is vital in any highly regarded institution.

Anne Scott OAM (Simpson 1957)

With three generations and over 25 years involvement with the MLC Old Collegians’ Council I continue to be inspired by the students and the College that produces self-confident young women who become leaders in their chosen diverse careers and professions, community service and global projects.

It is a great honour for me to direct my bequest to scholarships to create opportunities for students to attend a College that supports them in becoming global citizens in the future.

Rosalind Terry (1957)

I was honored to attend MLC on a scholarship. The education I received allowed my future to be in the fields of scientific research and as a doctor in developing countries, which was incredibly rewarding. The many wonderful friends from my MLC years have always been there for me when I returned to Australia.

As a bequestor I hope I can assist future students to a similarly rewarding life.


A Gift in Your Will